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About Bishop Santos

Bishop Santos Navarrete and 1st Lady Andrea Navarrete

Bishop Santos and Andrea Navarrete are the founders of Redeemer Apostolic Church located in Mesa, Arizona where he has served as Senior Pastor for the past 27 years. Bishop Santos received a Bachelor of Theology degree from the Latin American Theological Seminary. 

When Bishop Santos Navarrete was a young Minister at the age of 25, he was called to Pastor a small church in the town of Superior, Arizona. In the three years of Pastoring, the church grew and began baptizing newly converted souls in the precious name of Jesus Christ. Bishop and his wife then felt the call of God to move their ministry to their home town of Mesa, Arizona in 1992. 

Through much prayer, fasting, and the blessings from his Bishop and Leadership they planted their first church in the City of Mesa Arizona. Shortly after, the church began to grow and the congregation was able to purchase the building they were renting, a previous Mormon Church built in the 1950"s. It wasn"t long after Bishop Santos felt the call of God to move the congregation to a larger facility to accommodate the growth of the church. Within 4 years the congregation of Redeemer Apostolic Church moved to three larger buildings due to the rapid growth of the ministry. 

Bishop Santos has preached in the Jungles of Nayarit, Mexico and baptized many who gave their lives over to Christ. He has also assisted in establishing a church in Oaxaca, Mexico. And, after a visit to Deming, New Mexico and seeing the need for a church, Bishop Santos felt lead from the Lord to establish a daughter work, Redeemer Apostolic Church of Deming, NM. After installing a permanent Pastor, the church has continued to grow and currently owns 25 acres of land with three buildings on the property. In addition to establishing the church in Deming, a Drug Rehabilitation Center was established and located on the beautiful 25-acre ranch called Agape Drug Rehabilitation Center that takes a Godly approach to the healing of men who have been affected by drugs, alcohol, and incarceration. Bishop Santos believes that if you can rehabilitate one man you can save and entire family.  

In 2012, God spoke to Bishop Santos and said that He would "give" a building to his ministry so that His people would have a permanent home and a place to worship. In May of 2013 he was contacted by a fellow Pastor and friend Bishop Tommy Hudson. Bishop Hudson was experiencing a decline in membership and was ready to retire. Bishop Hudson felt lead of the Lord to transfer ownership of the church he Pastored for over 30 years to Bishop Santos. An agreement was signed and ownership of the multi-million-dollar church located in downtown Mesa was conveyed to Redeemer Apostolic Church on June 8, 2013. 

Their Ministry continues to impact the lives of many across the nation and through Global Missions. They continue to touch lives across the world. Bishop Santos has always had a passion for people, the healing of broken lives and families. 

They are two people who have dedicated the last 37 years of their lives exemplifying the life and love of Christ. They have been married for 35 years and have three beautiful children, one Daughter In-law, one Son In-law and 6 grandchildren. Bishop Santos' down to earth, real, and transparent style of leadership has affected countless lives and his testimony is living proof that God can do anything. Redeemer Ministries is blessed to have a Pastor who is passionate and dedicated to the Work of the Lord. He is a visionary and an anointed man of God.

Senior Pastor & First Lady  

Santos Navarrete & Andrea Navarrete 



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